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Boundary Surveys

Complete Boundary Surveys

Get a leg up on construction planning with services from The Crusselle Company Inc. Based out of Marietta, Georgia, our knowledgeable team of land surveyors offers complete services to meet your building needs.

Boundary Surveys

If you're just building a fence, planning a home addition or wanting to subdivide your property, we can provide the expertise it takes to satisfy State, County or municipal requirements to accomplish these tasks. The Crusselle Company Inc. offers site planning and civil design to owners and contractors looking for precise measurements and Governmental compliance in all aspects of land surveying. If you are a construction developer or property owner looking for precise measurements of land, we are the ones to trust.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

We provide this service for property owners—buying or refinancing properties—to satisfy requirements by lenders and insurance companies. 
Contact us to prepare a parcel of land for development with our survey services.
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